faceCloth_Live is based on the original faceCloth and was built especially for the SoukMachines Festival. The output is basically the same as the original, but the input is done completely through a physical device, the faceCloth_Live controller.

the controller

The faceCloth_Live controller includes the following input devices:
* 4 round switches for locking/unlocking the handle points
* 1 4-way switch for selecting the controlled handle point
* 1 joystick for controlling the selected handle point
* 1 reset button to return the handles to their original positions
* 5 switches for toggline the display options (view handles, clear frame, view colour screen, view cloth outline, view grid)
* 1 slider for adjusting the gravity

All these components are embedded in a control box, and connected to an Arduino I/O board. The board runs a very simple program which polls all the inputs and sends their status to the computer through a USB connection. The whole thing is held together using trusty duct tape.

the software

faceCloth_Live is open source. The code is split into 2 components: the Processing code, which runs on the client computer, and the Arduino code, which runs on the controller chip. Both can be downloaded from Google Code.

further developments

* Optimize the code so that only changes in status are sent, instead of the same data over and over when the controller is idle. This was the original idea for the code, but I ran out of space on the Arduino's memory so I'll either have to get a bigger chip or clean up my code before I do this.

* Build a more solid and openable box. I'm afraid to open the controller box right now because everything is packed so tight in there it's as if it's spring loaded. This is obviously a problem, so I'd like to build a better box (perhaps bigger) where each piece will be positioned properly inside instead of shoved wherever it fits.

* Rework the positioning of the controller's components. I did not really think too much about where to place each piece, so I will see how people are using it and go from there when designing the new control box.


2006.09.08-09 | SoukMachines Festival | pics | video



faceCloth_Live is licensed under the CC-GNU GPL.